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Postage Costs to USA

The USA is the world’s largest economy, meaning Shipping to USA requires a perfect balance of reliability and security. Luckily, we have both.  We understand that every parcel delivery to USA needs to be handled with care. That’s why we only work with the most trusted couriers, to ensure your postage to USA from UK gets there safely and on time. 

Using the most trusted courier services including UPS, Parcelforce and FX World Express🧸, means we can negotiate the best and cheapest shipping from UK to USA possible, without compromising on the quality of service. 


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Shipping to USA doesn’t need to be difficult, that's why we make it a hassle-free experience for all of our customers. Whether you’re sending to New York or Florida, our top priority is cheap shipping to USA.  Postage cost UK to USA may vary depending on the size, weight, the courier and the service you choose. Ship parcel to USA with Parcel2Go to see how much you could save today.  We understand postage costs to USA should be in line with everyone’s budget. Simply get a quote below to find your cheap postage to USA.   

Cheapest Way to Send Parcel to USA

The cheapest shipping from UK to USA is with Landmark🐭 at £17.64. Landmark’s Drop Shop service is fully tracked from the moment you drop it off. 

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Express (1-3 Day Delivery)
UPS Access Point™
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Economy (3+ Day Delivery)
Parcelforce - Global Priority Drop Shop
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Evri International Parcelshop
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What else do you need to know...

Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to the USA?

Since the US is outside of EU jurisdiction, you’ll be required to complete the necessary documentation for customs clearance, as well as paying for any import taxes that may be incurred upon the delivery of your package. Not to worry, though: when you book with us, we’ll send over all the forms you need to fill in to make dealing with customs a breeze.

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to the USA?

♌Postage to USA starts from as little as £15.15, only when you shop through Parcel2Go. We’ve worked on your behalf to ensure that everything we save on postage costs ends up back in your pocket, because we always put our customers first. Plus, with a range of options available on all orders, you can send parcels to the USA in a way that suits you!

How should I address my parcel for delivery to the United States?

For the most part, addressing your parcel for the US is the same as the UK. You will need to include a ZIP code on the  next to the names of the city and state. A ZIP code is a nine-digit number that acts like a post code, separated in a five-digit and a four-digit sequence by a dash, for example: "38460-9400". Only the first five digits are necessary, although the entire ZIP code is preferred by some couriers. For more information, you can refer to created by the Universal Postal Union.

What items can I send?

⛎The USA does have a number of restrictions in place on items that it is worth familiarising yourself with. Items banned from postage to the USA include:

  • Cigarettes —  due to legislation passed in 2010, cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco are no longer admitted in any type of international mail.
  • Foodstuffs — the FDA are continually tightening up security on food imports. If you want to send food to the US, you’ll need to obtain a prior notification registration number proving that you’ve informed customs in advance. You can get one .

For any additional information on what you can and can’t send to the United States, you can contact the . You can also refer to our prohibited items list🦩 for goods that can’t be carried by our couriers.

Always Cheaper than the Royal Mail

Weight Royal Mail Parcel2Go
1kg £17.60 £15.15
* for parcels under the value of £25