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At Parcel2Go, we're committed to providing you with some of the cheapest international parcel delivery services that you'll find anywhere in the UK. Sending internationally doesn't have to be difficult, especially when your parcel is in excellent hands. We now offer cheap international parcel delivery from UK locations to over 200 different countries and an extensive range of international parcel services.

With our expert parcel tracking system, once you have booked your parcel delivery, you will be able to track your parcel wherever it travels throughout the world. Although we send international postage to over 200 locations, there are a few countries we cannot ship to, click here to see which countries we don't ship to.

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Top Tips for International Shipping

Protect your parcel with inclusive cover on overseas deliveries
Get it there in plenty of time by booking express delivery
Check that the item you’re sending is permitted for import at its destination
Get signature tracking for proof of delivery
Oceania, though technically a continent, is more an enveloping term used to describe the many islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, which includes bigger countries like Australia and New Zealand, too. Though these islands are remote when compared with bigger inland countries, Parcel2Go work to ensure that sending your parcels to Fiji, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea as easy as sending to Europe.
The continent of Europe boasts the largest economy in the world, playing host to several nations internationally renowned for their culture, education, and standard of living. Along with political heavyweights France, Germany and Russia, Europe also accommodates Parcel2Go's home country, the United Kingdom. Sending a parcel to Europe is best with Parcel2Go because of our Lowest Price Guarantee on all deliveries within the continent, which means that in the rare instance you find a price lower than ours, we’ll match it!
North America houses one of the world’s most prosperous and internationally recognisable countries -- the United States of America. It neighbours other global powers like Mexico and Canada. Strong ties with Europe — especially between the USA and the UK — means that sending over the Atlantic is a well-worn path, and quite frankly couriers have gotten very good at it indeed. That’s why when you book your delivery to North America with Parcel2Go, you can send at express speeds for economy prices. Get your quote today!