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7. This poor little girl thought these magnets were candy, and now they’re everywhere.

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8. People sure do like sticking stuff that doesn’t belong there up their butts.

Imgur / sunlight

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9. Small items like rings are swallowed all the time, but this one is connected to an old wives’ tale about a man who tried to propose to a woman with a ring at the bottom of her drink. She didn’t notice.

Imgur / MyNamesDaveLikeTheTvChannelWeBothRepeatTheSameOldShit

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10. I’d say that’s too close for comfort. Yikes.

Imgur / MyNamesDaveLikeTheTvChannelWeBothRepeatTheSameOldShit

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11. This looks photoshopped but holy crap it still makes me shudder.

Imgur / JanVladimirMostert

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12. This historical medical image shows self-mutilation using graphophone needles.

Flickr / Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine

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14. Let it snow, I guess?

Imgur / catlowman

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15. Um, was this guy even still ALIVE!?!

Imgur / IWantedALongAssUsernameTooAndEveryoneElseIsDoingItSoWhyNotMeToo

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